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    Welcome to my new and improved website!

    My name is Courtney Murray and I am the owner and photographer of Lovely Lens Photography, LLC. I studied photojournalism and graduated from Cazenovia College in 2012 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts Specialization in Photography. Originally I planned on becoming a photojournalist, but in 2011 I assisted with a wedding and fell in love with wedding photography. Later on in 2011 I was introduced to the art of boudoir photography, now another photo session that I love to do. My passion is photographing people, particularly new families to newborns. I like to call it positive-photojournalism and there is nothing else I would rather do. I love my creative job!

    If you were wondering what happened to my old site, it may still be found at My skills and technique are forever evolving. Although I am proud of my older work, my new style is stronger and having this new site is the best way to showcase my latest work. I hope that you enjoy browsing through my photos!


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Meredith’s Boudoir Photo Shoot | Professional Boudoir Photographer

Last Sunday I met the lovely Meredith for a boudoir session. This beautiful photo shoot is a Christmas gift for her boyfriend and we had a fun time taking these portraits. Boudoir photos do make great gifts for a special someone, but they are an even greater gift for yourself to celebrate you. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and have amazing pictures of herself. More of Meredith’s boudoir photos will be coming to the blog soon.

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Lovely Lens Photography, LLC. & Bokeh Magazine | Bokeh Interview

I was absolutely honored the other month when I was contacted by Lewis Lim, Harris Lim and Eric Lin of Bokeh Magazine and asked to do an interview for their December issue. I had a lot of fun answering their well thought questions and thinking about the other photographers who have contributed or who would be reading the upcoming issue. I feel that I am still learning and growing as a photographer, as a business, and as a person. I love the idea of sharing my journey with other photographers trying to do the same so I truly respect the goals of Bokeh magazine. To learn more about Bokeh and how to read it online visit This link will take you to issue 25, the December issue that Lovely Lens Photography, LLC. is featured in.

To see my entire interview check out Bokeh online using iTunes

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